Eve Online Suicide Ganking

The noble and time honored profession of suicide ganking is one of the most unique professions in Eve Online.  The suicide ganker is able to steal everything that a player owns right under the nose of the police (concord).  The day of a suicide ganker is generally dull and boring, mostly filled with laying in wait for his pray to show up.  Many players often alleviate this problem by role-playing in real life and drinking quite heavily. While this might cause some mistakes like friendly fire or blowing up your own hauler, it just adds to the shenanigans that is a pirates life.

Suicide Ganking: Method One

Killer(High Alpha Strike Ship)

This method is probably the orginal method of suicide ganking in Eve Online.  The team or group of alts is only targeting pilots on autopilot.  Pilots on autopilot warp 15km off the gate and then burn to it.  Suicide gankers attempt to kill people hauling their possessions in this fashion by taking them out before they reach the gate. 

It becomes the scanners job to quickly identify what the industrial is hauling, and how they are tanked.  They need to make a snap judgement whether or not the target is worth suicide ganking.  Once the decision is made, it becomes the killers job to take out the industrial in one or two hits before concord shows up.  Once the target is under attack it the hauler needs to get within range to loot the target, before any other players realize what is happening and take advantage of the situation.

Counter: Don't Fly on Autopilot with Expensive Cargo!

Suicide Ganking: Method Two

Scanner (Passive Targeter)
Killer (High Alpha, Fast Lock, and Warp Scrambler)
Remote Sensor Booster (Optional)

This Eve Online Suicide Ganking is much more complicated, but it allows the suicide ganking of NON-autopilot players.  This requires a lot of pre-planning, great communication, and a bit of luck.  The benefits of this is that as long as a player is not heavily tanked and no warp stabs they are easy pray.  The thousands of players that regularly haul hundreds of millions of isk worth of assets are vulnerable.

The first step in implementing this method is to find a route that is pretty regularly traveled by haulers, and one where it is possible to predict (most of the time) the next system in their route of travel.  The scanner then sets up one gate before the team of suicide gankers is set up.  The idea is that the scanner can identify a target after they jump into system, while they are aligning to the next gate.

The suicide gank team then waits for the victim to warp to the next gate and jump through it.  Basically, they are waiting for the victim who was just identified to come to them.  They will now be in the same system as the team, and it is now the killers job to warp scramble them and blast them to itty bitty pieces.  This method also has the beauty that since the hauler probably hit warp to gate, then they will simply stop dead in space when the warp scram hits them.  It will be like hitting a stationary target. 

The hard part is that the killing ship needs to be able to lock target really fast.  They will need huge amounts of sensor boosting, and possibly even a remote sensor booster.  The nice part is that since they will stop moving when the warp scram hits them, then it probably will not be necessary to web, target paint, etc.  The hauler should also probably sit 100km+ off the gate, and just warp to the victim.

Counter: This can be countered by not using a tech one industrial.  If that is not possible then it is necessary to use a mixture of warp stabilizers, high tank, and fast align speeds.