Region Trading

This type of trading is dependent on the activity and type of region.  Regions vary incredibly in the amount of traffic, rats, and trade hubs.  They key to any successful trading is to know your your stuff.  As a general rule, most regions are generally dead traffic that people travel through to get into populated areas.  There are specific things to look for:

Region Trading: Key Things

1.) Mining:  Try and figure out how much mining is taking place.  Find specific systems that might be populated by *cough* automated *cough* mining operations.  It might be a good place to buy cheap minerals/ore.
2.) Level 3/4 Mission hubs: Level 4 mission hubs are always a center of activity, and with the recent changes they are all pretty popular.  It might be a good idea to supply them.  Level 3 mission hubs are not that hard to get to, and many new people might grind these.  Might be a great place to buy meta 4 stuff on the cheap.
3.) Region Wide Buy Orders: These are a great way to to pick stuff up on the cheap, just make sure you are not going to be paying retail price for them.  The general idea is to have the highest buy order by .01 isk, regardless if the highest buy order is 1sk or 1,000isk, as long as things can go for a fraction of what they are worth.  
4.) Mini Trade Hubs: These do not work everywhere, but sometimes these can work out pretty well.  The waters need to be ideal for this to work, but it cant hurt to test the waters by selling ships and the common fittings for them.  Look for areas that are gateways into low sec and null sec.

Region trading can involve massive amounts hauling.  Anyone who is looking at getting into this sort of trading needs to understand they will be spending hours doing boring mindless hauling.  This is not the most passive sort of income, it will require a lot of work. The nice thing is the stuff is really cheap, and it is a great way to make a bit of isk to start off with.