This is the act of transporting goods in Eve Online in an attempt to make profit. This can be done easy and extremely complex.  It all depends on what is being done.  Generally, hauling is usually combined with other methods of trading. 

Hauling is a necessary evil of trading, and it is likely that once in a while you are going to have to move good around.  Actually, if you want really nice profit margins then you are pretty much going to be required to do something.  Remember to fly safe, fit your ships, and get out of tech one industrial asap.

10 Tips When Hauling

1.) Tech one industrial can be suicide ganked - even if you are not on autopilot.
2.) Never fly expensive cargo on autopilot - unless it is a freighter (but then it depends on how expensive).
3.) Do not take a full tech one industrial into low sec.
4.) The safest ship to take into low/null sec is a Cov-Ops Industrial.
5.) Always have a scout in low/null sec.
6.) Courier contracts are cheap and safe but slow.  Remember to set high collateral.
7.) Tank your ship!
8.) Freighters can be bumped indefinitely, or as long as it takes to set up a suicide squad.
9.) Do not haul during any war dec.
10.) Use anonymous alts to do your hauling.