Null Sec Trading

This sort of trading is one most dependable source of income.  Generally, everything hauled into null sec will sell for a profit.  The problem is getting stuff there, read the hauling tab for step by step directions.  There are some requirements before anyone can engage in this sort of trading.  The first and probably the hardest is the fact that it is necessary to be a member of a stable null sec alliance.

This has a lot of draw backs, unless a person is good friends with a corporation in the alliance, then you are going to have to do a lot of real life standing grinding.  It will be necessary to PVP, go on multiple ops regularly, and generally be a valuable member of the alliance.  This will greatly cut into trading time, but if you enjoy null sec pvp then it wont be a problem. 

Traders are a vital part of the alliance, because they are providing a steady source of modules to be used by the members.  It is a bitch to set up a good logistics chain, and those who are able to do it will be given unimaginable riches.  A great idea to build up a bit of good will is to offer a portion of your cargo space during your supply runs, even if it is just to bring in skill books as requested.

Null Sec alliances require pretty much everything, but raw minerals.  Generally, it is a pretty good idea to haul things both ways.  Haul faction and high end minerals on the way out, and haul in finished products in.

What to Haul In (step by step)
1.) Look at any recommended alliance fittings.
2.) Buy all that stuff and it's meta 4 version cheap.
3.) Put it up for sale.
Optional: Try and find ways to cut costs, find ways to buy stuff cheaper then sell orders at Jita.

What to Haul Out (Tips)
1.) High End Minerals.
2.) Moon Minerals.
3.) Finished PI Products.