Trade Hubs

Eve Online has a few places in the game that are considered trade hubs.  Trade hubs are places where multiple traders gathered.  This results in these 5 trade hubs being massive centers of activity.  The biggest of all the trade hubs is, of course, Jita. The trade hubs are:
  1. Jita - Caldari
  2. Amarr - Amarr
  3. Rens - Minmatar
  4. Dodixie - Gallente
  5. Hek - Minmatar
Trade hubs have a lot of unique properties that traders can exploit.  They have massive volumes of everything, and this makes them an excellent source of supply.  Traders can buy all the stock they want at pretty cheap prices, and then transport them to other places to sell.  On the other hand, traders who need to get rid of excess supply can quickly sell off all they want.

The amount of competition in the smaller trade hubs is not too extensive, and it is possible to do some margin trading.  Jita, on the other hand, is more like day trading.  Buy and sell orders will be over/under cut in minutes, making it a pain to do any margin trading.  While it is still possible to make a profit there, it is a good idea to try the waters of the smaller trade hubs before jumping head first into the chaos that is Jita.

During rapid price adjustments there might be some difference in price between Jita and the four other trade hubs.  Traders with multiple alts can use them to check the prices between the different hubs, and then simply buy and haul to take advantages of the price differences.

The key with trade hubs is to be creative.  Those who come up with ingenious ideas are those who are going to profit the most.  Sometimes it might be necessary to take risks, and the rewards might be vast.  If that does not work,  you could always try some market manipulation!