Saturday, April 2, 2011

Anom Change - Time to Mine?

I've been messing around in null to see what the anomaly change will have for those of us unlucky enough to live in a system that will no longer have havens or sanctums.  I ran around and used a ishtar fitted for max dps and I was getting a steady income of about 10-11 mil isk a tick (20 minutes) in bounties in havens.  It comes out to about 30-33 mil a hour.  I then started to run hubs and I was getting between 3-5m a tick.  It comes out to about 9-15 mil a hour.

This means that those who rely on anomalies for income will see a 50% drop in their livelihood. Now I realize people are able to clear havens and sanctums much faster then I was.  They can probably get much higher ticks then me, but this should still give you an idea of what you will be making after the patch.  Those that run anomalies in carriers will suffer even more, due to the high number of frigate spawns in hubs. 

Those mining in null at current mineral prices could in theory make around 50 mil a hour.  It's not going to happen for the average pilot.  It would take a hulk pilot with max skills, tech 2 drones, tech 2 crystals, mining implants, getting a perfect rorqual boost, mining Arkanor, and having someone hauling the ore for him.  Realistically, you can probably pull in 30-40 mil, but that is even after IDEAL circumstances.  It does not include any refining fees, hauling fees, etc.  It is also based on current Jita prices.

This is where things get complicated, because it all depends on your alliance and corp.  What are you really going to get for the ore?  What percent is the outpost owner going to take for a refine tax? Are you going to haul the stuff to Jita yourself?  What do you pay the booster? What do you pay your haulers? What do you pay the pilot that kills rats for you? More importantly are you going to be able to mine Arkanor the whole time? Realistically you are going to make maybe 15-20+/- mil a hour mining at pretty high skills, but it all depends.

Now the pilot running hubs will be making 9-15+/- mil a hour, and they also get loot and salvage on-top of the bounties.  This is where calculating gets hard, because the average null sec pilot will not have the salvage as you go capabilities of say a Marauder.  The easiest and possibly the best thing to do would be to find a low skill point corp mate to come salvage and loot for you, and just split the profit.  Your profit will vary based on the faction of the local rats, but it should still put you way ahead of the miner.

The hub pilot will also have the advantage of faction spawns and escalations.  Hubs can escalate to 8/10 DED complexes, and the occasional faction spawn.  I personally never seen either, but I hear they exist!

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